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Armored samurai with a wakizashi; ca. 1860


Apparently, the “Arabian horses” we usually think of didn’t appear until late in Japan, where ponies were the standard. It really kills some of the samurai romance when you realize they were 4’6″ guys riding 4’6″ ponies…

(*Photo by Felice Beato (1832–1909) an Italian–British photographer who was one of the first people to take photographs in East Asia and one of the first war photographers.)

17-year-old extreme right-wing student Otoya Yamaguchi kills politician, Inejiro Asanuma, with a sword during a speech in Tokyo’s Hibiya Hall, 12th October 1960.


“On October 12, 1960,  Inejiro Asanuma, head of the Japan Socialist Party was assassinated by 17-year-old Otoya Yamaguchi, a Japanese ultranationalist , during a televised political debate for the coming elections for the House of Representatives. While Asanuma spoke from the lectern at Tokyo’s Hibiya Hall, Yamaguchi rushed onstage and ran his wakizashi through Asanuma’s abdomen, killing him. The entire incident was broadcast live on television, witnessed by millions of viewers, and preserved on film.” (Source)

Film of the attack (1:10)

Slowed down version