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Dirigible Over St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow; ca. 1921



With all the men fighting at the front, women of Moscow dig anti-tank trenches around Moscow, Battle of Moscow, Operation Barbarossa, World War II; ca. 1941



A view of Moscow; ca.1852.


Queue on the opening day of the 1st McDonald’s in Moscow; ca. 1990.

Pictured: America winning the Cold War.

Pictured: America winning the Cold War.

Here’s a video:

Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon debate the merits of communism versus capitalism at the American National Exhibition, Moscow; ca.1959.

...this the exhibition where Khrushchev didn't believe normal Americans had washing machines in their homes.

…this the exhibition where Khrushchev didn’t believe normal Americans had washing machines in their homes.

Here’s the debate:

57,000 German POWs are marched through Moscow to display the Red Army’s dominance; July 17, 1944.


In June 1944, the Red Army captured the German Army Group Center. This was called Operation Bagration. 185 Soviet divisions with 2.3 million soldiers surrounded and captured or killed the 800,000 members of Army Group Center.

A month later some of the German POWs were transported to Moscow to display to the Soviet people.

Here is a Soviet film of the parade:

The parade was followed by trucks ceremoniously washing the German filth from the streets. The POWs were then transported off to work camps.


German air raid on Moscow in 1941.


Josef Stalin among Bolshevik workers 1930’s Moscow

What was Sting doing there?

Is it just me, or do most of the heads/faces look altered?

Look up pictures of Stalin when he was younger. You’d be surprised to how good looking one of the most evil man in history was back in his youth. (link for the lazyA truly inspiring leader.