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Female snipers of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army. Bottom Row, left to right: 20, 80, and 83 confirmed kills. Second row: 24, 79, 70. Third row: 70, 89, 89, 83. Top row: 64 and 24 confirmed kills. Germany, May 4, 1945.

775 confirmed kills in one picture

775 confirmed kills in one picture

The deadliest female sniper in the Russian army, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, had over 300 confirmed kills.

tumblr_m8kc0v1bFP1rc7erjo1_500Pavlichenko¬†knew that shooting human beings would be difficult for her and for the first few days on the battlefield she couldn’t bring herself to fire. That all changed that day when a German shot a young Russian soldier near her. “He was such a nice, happy boy,” she said. “And he was killed just next to me. After that, nothing could stop me.”