Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

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Nazi’s celebrating their empire on the ‘Reichserntedankfest’; ca. 1937

Worst bathroom line ever.

The world wars are interesting because most of the narrative is bullshit.

For example, we’re told Germany invaded Poland to start World War Two, but this ignores how the Austrian-Hungarian empire was parceled at the end of World War One, including the very part that Germany invaded (Danzig corridor). When Russia invaded Poland soon after, neither France nor England declared war on them also. All of Germany’s “invasions” were reuniting the Austrian-Hungarian empire, or for preventing the continental landing by the British. This is why they took: north France (not South), Belgium and Norway (not Sweden nor Finland). Same with Saddam Hussein’s “invasion” of Kuwait. Kuwait and Iraq had been part of the Ottoman empire until World War One parceled it up. 100 years later and Bush’s extension of England’s wars to maintain world domination are still at work.

Churchill began blitzkrieg bombing civilian German areas before Germany ever did, and on the very next day after he took office. 10x as many German civilians were killed in blitzkrieg bombing than English civilians.

Jesse Owens was never snubbed by Hitler, and said in his autobiography that Hitler rose and waved at him.

Victors write history. I’m not defending the Nazis, but a hell of a lot of facts about history are buried to create a fictional good/evil dichotomy. However, after the war, Churchill did say “we slaughtered the wrong pig”. It’s never much acknowledged that National Socialism arose primarily as a reaction to Communism, it’s extent of power intended to match it so Germany itself would not be overtaken by Communists, as it was directly after the war.