Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Government Shutdown


Dont let Obama taek away are gunz






Tea Party’s lack of “Civil Disobedience”

During the most recent (and amazingly homogeneous!) all-Caucasian Tea Party gathering there was destruction of government property and no arrests? The crowd of Tea Party members was so raucous and potentially violent that the National Park’s SWAT and riot police had to be called in.

Anywhoozles, can you imagine for a moment how much tasing and tear gas would have been used if these people were anybody else?

Why do protesters from the left get maced and arrested while these people get to act without constraint?

Tea Party Protest

( The Tea Party took barricades from the memorial and brought them to the White House gates in apparent protest of President Barack Obama… some were thrown at the White House fence, others were strewn all over the grassy area surrounding it. That can be considered destruction of property. They also yelled and threatened the cops that were there, who are working without pay since the shutdown started. When they picked up the barricades (opening them up to further vandalism) and walked off with them, why weren’t they arrested for stealing barricades? Those things are expensive; it would be more then a misdemeanor…

There use of “Civil Disobedience” upsets me. There’s nothing gained by moving the barricades somewhere else; that just makes (the once barricaded area) vulnerable to crimes other than the ones they are supposed to be engaging in… Are we supposed to be impressed and feel patriotic that they knocked over a few barricades to visit a war memorial? It never occurs to these people that their loved ones fought and died for a functioning government and a better way of life for all Americans; not the deprivation and degradation promoted by the political parasites they idolize. It’s pathetic. They’ve probably convinced themselves they’re honoring WWII vets by bravely fighting against (foreign enemies…wait, no that’s not right) their own government. What a profoundly sad disconnect.)


Government Shutdown-Oct 5th

One thing that I think is getting overlooked a lot in this debate is what the actual purpose of the CR is supposed to be about.

The CR has nothing to do with the Obamacare. the ACA is not stopped, delayed, or defunded by shutting down the government. It is a completely separate issue that has nothing to do with the CR. What the CR is supposed to be about is the budget, and at what levels of spending the government should be funded for the following year. That’s what the debate is supposed to be about, that’s what negotiations are supposed to involve, and it’s on that matter that compromises are supposed to be taking place.

On that matter, Democrats have already given in to republican demands in almost every conceivable way. They agreed to republican levels of spending in the CR across the board with absolutely no fight or argument. They gave republicans 98% of the Paul Ryan budget, and never asked for anything other than the CR to be passed with no additional unrelated add-ons.

I think that there is a false narrative, or a false equivalency, going around that the democrats are equally responsible for this shutdown, that they are just as unwilling to compromise as republicans. That is simply not true. The republicans are demanding every bit of their agenda, and offering up not a single item on the democrats agenda. And beyond that, they are asking for the delay of the Presidents signature piece of legislation, which has nothing to do with the budget resolution in question. Refusing to take a deal in which your opponent gets everything they want and you don’t get any of what you want is not a failure to compromise. It is standing up for yourself.


And while I gladly welcome disagreement and debate, I kindly ask that you read the link I provided before making any counterpoints. Thank you.


Government Shutdown- Oct 2nd


The issue is not the substance of the Republicans’ argument, it’s the tactic. There’s an established procedure for putting in place a law – it passes both Houses of Congress, and is signed off on by the President. Once a law has been passed, it can be repealed or amended through the same procedure. Everybody playing by that set of rules helps keep arguments fair and procedures somewhat predictable.

What the Republicans are doing now is to say – we can’t win both Houses of Congress and the Presidency (which is what it would take to overturn a law that already was passed by all three institutions), but what we can do is use control of the one house that we do have to refuse to fund the government until the President and the Senate change the health care law.

The reason that the President and the Democratic Senate are refusing to negotiate (and should continue to refuse to negotiate) is that they don’t want the House of Representatives to get in the habit of shutting down the government everytime there is some law they disagree with. It’s essentially the exact same argument for why it’s generally considered inadvisable to negotiate with terrorists. There’s a legitimate way for a party in Congress to get its way – through the normal procedure of writing bills, and through the election cycle – and there is an illegitimate way to do so – by holding the government’s operating budget hostage.