Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

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A girl and her dog view the destruction inflicted by German air raids during the siege of Warsaw, September 1939.



Searchlights pierce the night sky during an air-raid practice on Gibraltar, 20 November 1942.



World War II Air Raid Shelter Tunnel.



German air raid on Moscow in 1941.



Convair Model 118 ConvAirCar takes a test flight in California in November 1947.


The handling dynamics in the air would be interesting to say the least…

“The Convair Model 118 ConvAirCar (also known as the Hall Flying Automobile) was a prototype flying car of which two were built. Intended for mainstream consumers, two prototypes were built and flown. The first prototype was lost after a safe, but damaging, low fuel incident. Subsequently, the second prototype was rebuilt from the damaged aircraft and flown. By that time, little enthusiasm remained for the project and the program ended shortly thereafter.” (Source)

Anatomical machine by Giuseppe Salerno

An early anatomical machine made by Giuseppe Salerno, built a on real human skeleton. This fleshless body represents the veins, arteries and musculature in amazing detail. Long thought to be made by an early form of plastination, it was recently discovered to be made – with the exception of the human skeletons – of beeswax, iron wire, and silk.


British 6-inch Naval gun firing over Vimy Ridge, behind Canadian lines at night. Vimy, Pas-de-Calais, France – May, 1917.