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Great shot of Antarctica – those black patches are groups of emperor penguins

Look at them penguin out their chests like G's.

Penguins always look like they’re waiting for their alien overlord to descend.


These penguin populations are now being monitored from space.

The Hindenburg floating past the Empire State Building in 1936

How bad-ass of an arrival would that have been? Pulling into NYC on a blimp attached to the tallest building in the city.

How bad-ass of an arrival would that have been? Pulling into NYC on a blimp attached to the tallest building in the city.


The building’s distinctive Art Deco spire was originally designed to be a mooring mast and depot for dirigibles. The 102nd floor was originally a landing platform with a dirigible gangplank. A particular elevator, traveling between the 86th and 102nd floors, was supposed to transport passengers after they checked in at the observation deck on the 86th floor. However, the idea proved to be impractical and dangerous after a few attempts with airships, due to the powerful updrafts caused by the size of the building itself, as well as the lack of mooring lines tying the other end of the craft to the ground.


One of the earliest pictures of the moon by Dr. J. W. Draper of New York, 1840



Fascinating that we were capable of taking pretty good pictures of the moon over 150 years ago, enough that you can actually make out impacts.

Also is it just me, or is there a cat on the moon in the second photo?

Bauhaus Stage Costumes, 1920’s.

Das Triadische Ballet, 1924
Stelzenläufer, 1927
Bauhaus Stage Workshop, 1928
Bauhaus Stage Workshop, 1928
Metal Party, 1929
“Nonsense Soldier”, Costume for the Metal Party, 1929
Costume for the Neue Sachlichkeit Party, 1926


“The Bauhaus was held together as much by  social gatherings and festivities as by Gropius’s vision for a new art school. These celebrations promoted contact between school and public, giving free rein to masters and students to demonstrate creativity and design invention, conceiving invitations, posters, costumes and decorations.

“The Bauhaus parties moved from improvisations and seasonal Festivals to spectacular and monumental stage productions in Dessau. The highpoint was in 1929 with the resplendent Metal Party. They entered the building by sliding down a large chute that deposited them in the first of several rooms decorated with silver spherical balls”

– Barbican Art Gallery, 2012. Bauhaus: Art as Life. Koenig Books