Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

My great grandmothers autographed portraits of Rommel and Dietl from 1942



Rommel's Letter

Rommel’s Letter


(Rommel’s photo in particular came back with a reply to a letter she’d sent congratulating him on receiving a new medal)

“Tank army Africa Command post Commander in chief – Date of stamp

From all parts of Germany I daily receive an amazing amount of mail. I’m very happy about the greetings from home. Even if I tried I couldn’t answer each letter personally because of the importance of my mission. Therefore I ask for your forgiveness that I can reply to your regards only this way.

The war correspondents attached to the german troops report so many experiences in picture and word that I may refer to them. Additionally the Wochenschauen (news delivered in cinemas) deliver the current situation of our troops in North Africa aptly.

I’m proud being able to say that even under the exceedingly difficult conditions of the desert the german soldier fights dutifully and with courage at the side of his italian comrade for the joint victory. The german troops in North Africa will continue their duty and will do their part for the victory-in-the-end for the axis in the future as well.

      Greetings/blessing for the leader

I thank you very much for the congratulations to my decoration”



Dietl's Letter

Dietl’s Letter

“Administrative office duty number: 42 853 Personal orderly of the commander in chief

Dear ——

At the order of the commander in chief I want to confirm the receipt of your letter from the 17th of june.. His demanding duty doesn’t allow him to answer all the congratulations to his promotion personally.
Colonel-general D i e t l wants to thank you for your congratulations which made him very happy. Glady he grants you your wish.
Enclosed you will find your sent picture, signed as asked for.

Best regards”



SHAEF Pamphlet

SHAEF Pamphlet

(SHAEF pamphlets that were air-dropped just before the train she was on was bombed. These pamphlets contained the same message in German, English, French and Russian.)



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