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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Trentino Alto-Adige

Italy Project

Located in Northern Italy near the border of Austria and Switzerland, Trentino Alto-Adige is one of Italy’s most unique regions. This autonomously governed and German speaking region contains some of the richest georgraphical terrain in the world, including the jagged-edged Dolomites (named a  UNESCO world heritage site in 2009), the snowcapped Alps, and the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda. It’s truly an incredibile 5,254 square meters! Trentino is also quite famous for its German inspired Christmas markets, particularly in Bolzano.

So just in case I haven’t convinced you yet, here are 5 more reasons why you should visit Trentino Alto-Adige:

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#1. You can have pasta and würstel in the same
meal – I’m pretty sure that the Italian government has a law that states “No place in Italy shall go without pizza and pasta”. I say this because even in the most unitalian regionin Italy there was pizza and…

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