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This Black Bear Playing Tetherball Video Is Mesmerizing

Benchwarmer Sports

What a fucking life this black bear has huh? Probably wakes up whenever he wants to, probably does the 3 S’s, minus the shaving part. Downs some deer or fish or whatever black bears eat? Humans? Then goes out and plays tetherball for the next 3 hours like a boss. I would kill to have that life.

Also how about his tethering skills? I’ll be completely honest and say that 10/10 ties this bear would absolutely crush me if we played against each other and by crush, I mean eat me. I’d go as far and say this bear is an Olympian. Yup Olympian, that’s right. His hand-eye coordination and overall balance is on point and that’s what makes a good Olympian tetherball’er.

2013-10-14 13_26_16


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