Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

“42” degrees is the angle that sun light has to reflect through the particles of moisture in the air into our eyes in order to see a rainbow.
Also, the exponent of the gravitational coupling constant between an electron and a proton is… “42”

The Ultimate Question is the actual question behind the question, “What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?” If we get the answer, what does it mean, what does it matter, and why did we even need it now that we have it? What will substantially change?
There is no meaning to life, as one could argue from a truly objective point of view based on the sum of accepted scientific knowledge. That could change in the future, but in our current time and place in the universe, based on our knowledge, we are just the highly advanced adaptable children of alien bacteria, who were lucky enough to evolve on a planet which developed to be so dynamic that we had the chance to become what we call “higher functioning beings”, able to question our own existence like no other combination of materials ever known..


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