Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

So now we’ve had 2 big revolutions, and lest you underrate the importance of the Glorious Revolution because of its relative lack of violence consider the following: the Glorious Revolution produced a Whig ascendancy, exemplified by the prominent aristocratic progeny of the Immortal Seven, that conclusively put the landed classes, represented in Parliament, above the monarchy. The first decades of this order were to cement governance by ministers rather than the Crown.

Now this order prevails for some decades, but to end consideration of Revolution in England there would be a grave mistake. It is true that the Glorious Revolution produces a settlement that solves some previously persistent constitutional problems, but Britain does not then settle into a total slumber. Firstly, there is the Revolution in America, which as another poster pointed out was essentially British, considered as such at the time, and increasingly recognized to be so today. Too often forgotten though is the vibrancy of many of those same radical sentiments in Britain itself during the 1790s and Napoleonic wars and culminating in the Great Reform of Parliament in 1832.

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