Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

and I was all BAH!

Friday(oct15)-I skipped 7th Pd(PE) since there was a pep rally and when to hang out with Mal. We did drugs. Loads and loads. I locked my keys in the car. And then the dog ate all of the weed (20 bag). Then he passed out, woke up and puked. There was alot of things going around, one of the GHB. So one thing lead to another and we all took (*fake?*) GHB on purpose…willingly. You say GHB? Isnt that a date rape drug…why yes, yes it is. I mean its not that bad right? Nick Nolte did it.

Saturday(oct16)-VOODOO!!!!!! We all got high in the crowd, Stella passed out, Morgan the stripper walked around topless, and im in love with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.


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