Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Another PennAy and D’arcy ADVENTURE!!!!!

It all started yesterday when I was all PENNY HAD SEX AND SAID OUCH! And thhhhennn I was all PENNY what are you doing tonight… And one thing led to another and I decided it was time, that me and Penny, had another adventure.

So I got directions and I got lost. Before I even got to the interstate. BUT… Thennn I got on track and Penny gave me AWESOME directions to Chalmette to get her. After I got her we started heading home, we got lost. We ended up at some dead end by the train tracks and had to turnna round. 10 minutes together, and we already get lost. That’s loveilly!

When we finally get back to Metairie, within like 15 minutes, we get a ticket! MY FIRST tickit, mind you. I was going 55 in a 40, AND I had no seat belt. It was a cheap tickit though.
THEN, we decided to go eat sushi! At SAKE cafe. But we had no money. So we ordered about 40$ worth of sushi, and then ate all we wanted. And then we both got up and left.
It was fucking awesome. EVERYONE talks about doing that but never does. But we did it. Because we… are truely hardcore.

And thennn. We decided, the night wouldn’t really be rocki’n, if we were sober. Soooo, Penny put on her punk rock CAMO pants and we went to Save-A-Center. I decided a liter bottle of vodka was in order. Takka specifically. So, Penny put it in her pocket. We ran out of there. It was GREAT.
But, that wasn’t enough. NO. So we went to another Save-A-Center where this time I WORE THE CAMO PANTS.
Me and Penny met this awesome guy that was all… “YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT JOSE CUERVO AND AMERICA RIGHT?” And Penny was like… “no…?” and he was all “JOSE- CAN YOU SEE ;)!?” And we were laughing and I think we love him.
And then, I put a liter bottle of Malibu: Pineapple in my pocket. And we ran outta there yet again.

It was a beautifull thing really.
Then…We went on a unsucessfull search for a chaser for me. We went to Blinkys where I finally saw Melissa. She is ugly. Thenn they gave us TEA instead of oarnge juice. Gay.

THEN… we went to the top of the Ej parking garage where we started up the night drinking. It was awesome. And then we proceeded to pick up Joshua Wiggin, and then to the lake. I peed on the rocks. Then we drank more up by the water and Josh tryed to push Penny in. It was RUDE.
The rest of that part is reallly just vague memories. For both of us.

Then we arrived at my house, from what we… really don’t remember.
Thennn, somehow, we ended up at Lees house. And Josh threw his lighted at Lees window and it got stuck in the drain pipe. Then, we dropped Josh off at home.

And came back home. And Penny passed out on the bed.
30 minutes later, I go in to check on her, and she was pukeing all overherself.
Eventually, I decided, that we should take this OUTSIDE> Where I showered her. And washed the puke out of her hair.
Michael soon arrived. And Penny begged him for Taco Bell. It was about 1 o clock in the morning. And we stopped at a gas station. And Penny just walked in there with no shirt on. And the black man just stared at her.
Then, we went back to the lake.
And yet again. Memories are vague.
But Michael, made out with Penny when I WASN’T LOOKIN.
And we drank more.
Then, we all went to Rachels apartment complex and swam in her pool.
And we drank more.
Then, we went to taco bell. FINALLY. At like 3 o’clock in the morning. And they were open. But wouldn’t let Penny use the bathroom.

And then, we arrived back at my house, again.

And as it turns out, my grandmaws psycho. She freaked out. Locked us out. Opened my closet…
Michael was in it.
And she made him leave, very rudely.
But we didn’t even care. We acted like there was NEVER a boy in that closet.
Maybe it was the drugs…

THEN. We made Matt come over at 4 in the morning. To give Penny and ME a hug. And he did. Hahah, all so pathetically.
And then we made him leave.
And he did.

Then somehow we wound up passed out in my bed. With Pennys puke. And my psycho grammaw yelling at us.

We woke up at 8. With less than 3 hours of sleep.

And she’s still yelling at us.

But now were eating donuts and drinking milk.
Because we’re just THAT hardcore.


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