Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.


Mike: I always think she’s on meth when she’s on the Internet. Cause she responds to everything REALLY REALLY fast. But doesn’t have anything to say. And often times, apparently isn’t even reading what I’m saying. That was the first time she ever hit me with something TOTALLY OUT OF LEFT FIELD, though. I DON’T EVEN LIKE HOOKING UP WITH GIRLS LIKE THAT. I hate hooking up with girls who hook up with every guy they see. It takes most of the fun out of it. SHE PROBABLY USUALLY HAS SEX FOR FREE METH THOUGH. She’d fuck me without it anyway!
D’arcy: Maybe you should give her Meth.
Mike: I don’t know why you’re trying to get her free meth. I’d rather fuck a girl I won’t catch an STD from.
D’arcy: You should fuck her up the butt!
Mike: UP THE BUTT would be the worst. WHO KNOWS WHAT I’D PICK UP.
D’arcy: She wont like poo on you…she doesnt eat
Mike: Well, obviously. She might have some kind of sexually transmitted parasites up there, though. Pretty much, the only anyone I know will fuck her is if she fucking climbs on top of them and rapes them (which probably isn’t out of the question). The only WAY anyone… Since most of the people I know have enough self-respect to go out of their way to hook up with a crack whore. If anybody GOES OUT with Her, that person lives in constant humiliation.
Mike: HEY, HAS SHE EVER SMOKED CRACK? I BET SHE HAS. She looks like it!… That could be the meth. But she snorts coke too. Like, aderol makes me not want to eat. And that’s a really MILD amphetamine. METH amphetamine I guess just makes you stop eating forever.
D’arcy:I wonder how she stays alive?
Mike: she lives off protein
D’arcy: From the Meth? ::confused::
Mike: from semen… you are what you eat! I could easily fuck better bitches than that.
D’arcy: I didnt know about the problem… until you addressed it
Mike: You didn’t know she was on meth? Jesus, how long have you known her? She’s pretty open about it. She told me like it was nothing. And looked really confused when I obviously had a problem with it.
D’arcy: I dunno
Mike: I find that extremely hard to believe. When she told me about it, she told me in the guise of “I USED TO TAKE METH.” Which obviously just meant, “I haven’t taken meth in a few days.”

D’arcy: ::Shows Mike a picture::
Mike: That’s a picture of Adam with long hair, right? He’s wearing a wig or something?
D’arcy: NO
Mike: Now where’s the girl he hooked up with?
D’arcy: Its a GIRL
Mike: COME ON, SIERRA. I’ve NAIVELY fallen for your shit before. THAT’S A GUY WEARING A WIG.JUST STOP IT, OK.
D’arcy: I swear
D’arcy: ask Adam her name is kris
D’arcy: Like he hooked up with her in metry
Mike: Adam hooked up with a manly ass bitch.


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