Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Electric shocks? I love them…

Jen, Colin and Me went to subway today since we had nothing better to do. I filled up a job appliction. I really dont want a job but everyone is bitching so i’ll try and get one. We left there and went to Christians. After that we decieded that it was best that we all get wasted. Jen and I went into some gas station and got md 20/20 and bacardi. This Black guy followed me around the store calling me ‘red’. He said that he wanted to get with me. Eww!!! He follow Jen and me to my car and contiuned to talk to us. We finally got him to move and go away. So we get to Colin’s and we drink. Michael comes over. We went to Michael Brouphys and egged his house. Ummm…thats about all that I can remember.


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