Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Close to me.

Today I went to Colins house. His family was having a July 4 party. John slept over there the night before. We then picked up Mal and went to Ninas. John wanted to go home so I left, After I jropped John off I went home. Later on, I picked John up and we went back to Ninas. Then to Christains house. We dropped Mal off. We went to the movie theater. Then to the Lakefront. Carter called and said that we were going to the movies @ 9:45. Later he called and said that his Dad was coming too. We were driving to get to movies around 9:50 and we saw Carter, Ryan (Carters HOT brother), and his dad. We pointed and laughed. John thought that Ryan was hot stuff. Which I mean of course he is. Ryan is like the hot guy that KNOWS that he is hot, but he is really nice. Anyway Nina, Colin and John went to see Spiderman 2, And Carter, Ryan, his dad and me went to see that new Micheal Moore movie. Im liking Carter more and more each day. Blah! I wish that we could see each other more. But Oh, well. Im off of summer school tomorrow, I go back Tuesday. Thats about all that happend today…

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